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Uncharted 4 Lost Legacy

Here are some of the NPC's I worked on during the project.
The Shotgun and the Sniper were Frankensteined together using previously created parts and with new parts as well. These characters were done in a matter of days to reach the tight deadlines before delivery.

The lineup of the Light npc's and the medium npc's was a collaboration between Nancy Cantu and I. We both worked on the characters and created the variations. The heads were put together from already created heads and new heads and some were changed so we wouldn't have the same head appear throughout the game.

The shoreline pilot has a couple of seconds on screen but he had a huge part in the plot. The helmet was created by Nancy Cantu and the rest of the character was put together by me.

Now we have two multiplayer versions of Flynn and Rafe, both were done by scratch by me. Sculpting, Modeling, and Texturing.

Daniel garcia asavarmy shotgun


Daniel garcia asav grappler


Daniel garcia asav sniper


Daniel garcia asavarmy light


Daniel garcia asavarmy medium


Daniel garcia shorelinepilot

Shoreline Pilot

Daniel garcia barbarianflynn

Barbarian Costume

Daniel garcia barbarianflynn zbrush

Barbarian Costume - Zbrush

Daniel garcia pirate rafe

Pirate Costume