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Hello, Was sick during Uncharted 4 Lost Legacy artdump *cough* so I am a little late. ;D

I worked on Orca in Uncharted 4 Lost Legacy, I had to privilege to work off the original version of the character from U4 done by Byungwha Jung.

My version was a collaboration with Richard Lyons our senior Concept artist on the project, and we both came together and decided to give Orca a new look for his new role in the series. Since he is now the leader of Shoreline, his confidence blossomed along with his physical appearance. He worked out his arms more, and got a new haircut and decided to get a new look for his beard.

I was responsible to take the character from start to finish sculpting, modeling, and texturing.
Original execution of the character done by Byungwha Jung

Daniel garcia orca

Orca - looking fly

Daniel garcia orca damaged

Orca - damaged

Daniel garcia orca zbrush turn

Orca - Zbrush

Daniel garcia orca zbrush turnface

Orca - Zbrush closeup