The Last of Us: Part 2 Corpses

A Herculean effort done by the entire studio. With me at the helm for the better part of the assignment, I had to put together a huge amount of corpses, almost each with it's own narrative of death! At the tail end of the project we bounced back and forth with designers, environment art, prop team, and it was challenging.

I primarily sculpted and texture the base decomposed bodies, and the clothing we recycled from our existing library that I had to re-texture and modified per each corpse narrative. I learned to pose using our animation tools and had to stay within limitations of the poly count being that these will be populated in the environment.

Every character artist had a hand in making a part that was reused for the corpses. Connie Huang originally had the helm with me helping her, and when she left the studio all the tasks fell on my plate. I eventually received assistance from the rest of the ND character team to get theses guys of through finish line.

These are just a small example of the amount of corpse you run into in the game.

Connie Huang, Anar Ismayilov, Danilo Athayde, Yingkang Luo, Nancy Cantu and the talented Environment team helped made this look amazing.

Christophe Desse and his prop team did an amazing job rigging these guys up for rag doll effect.